CoolSculpting ®



If you are at or near your target weight but have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away no matter how diligent you are with diet and exercise, CoolSculpting may be the solution you’re looking for. This innovative treatment can help target and eliminate stubborn fat for good, so you can enjoy a more contoured body.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment that can permanently eliminate stubborn fat. We use advanced cooling technology to crystalize fat cells, which then die and are naturally eliminated by the body over time. CoolSculpting is intended to specifically target problem areas of diet and exercise resistant fat and is not intended as a weight-loss solution.


The professionals at Emerge Health and Wellness will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that’s tailored to your body, goals, and budget. We can help you target and treat problem areas, such as your: chin, abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, love handles, and upper arms.



At Emerge Health and Wellness, we offer DualSculpting for patients who would like to slim and tone more than one area. If you’re considering CoolSculpting for multiple areas, such as love handles and thighs, or tummy and arms, then this option will work efficiently to give you the results you desire. This procedure utilizes two exclusive CoolSculpting handheld devices to treat separate target areas of stubborn fat at once.


Benefits of DualSculpting:

  • Simultaneously treats two areas at once
  • Faster procedure time than separate sessions
  • Minimal downtime






Does Coolsculpting hurt?

The first 5-10 minutes are the least comfortable, with some stinging as the treatment area goes numb. Imagine putting your hand in an ice bucket. This sensation is similar but will only be experienced on whichever area of the body your treating, and for only 5-10 minutes.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatments range anywhere from 35-75 minutes a session, depending on sizing and area of the body being treated.