Medical-Grade Facials



Our skin is the body’s largest organ, but many people overlook the importance of going the extra mile to protect it. Clinical facials help rejuvenate skin issues that can range from dull and dehydrated to sporadic acne breakouts. Thanks to customized facial treatments, you can target your individual skin type, condition, and goals. Best of all, there is little to no downtime, which makes it an extremely popular treatment for both women and men. Regardless of whether you’re looking to prevent skin aging or address a specific skin condition, Emerge Health and Wellness is here to help. 

We offer medical-grade facials that are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate your skin through medical-grade products and tools. The use of medical-grade products can help address the many signs of aging and take out the stress that your skin has endured.

Because medical-grade facials are so highly customizable, a wide variety of people can benefit from their results. It is important to talk with one of our skincare professionals to help determine what tools and products will suit your skin the best.