Skin Care Products



Without a doubt, one of the biggest segments of the aesthetic business is skin care. However, many over-the-counter products that are sold in department stores make multiple promises and almost never deliver. That is why Emerge Health and Wellness Medical Spa offers professional-grade skin care products available only through professional medical personnel.

What are the benefits of skincare products?

Our skin care products are the highest quality and guaranteed to improve the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin. We only offer cosmetic products that have been tested in a series of clinical trials for safety, effectiveness, and longevity. The types of professional skin products we offer are designed to benefit every skin type. The products also eliminate and prevent pimples, soften the appearance of wrinkles, and hide and correct other facial blemishes. The idea is simply to improve the health and overall quality of your skin. 

A Personal Skin Care Regimen

Once we understand your skin health challenges, we work with you to create a comprehensive, holistic skin care regimen that addresses your needs and sets you on a path toward healthy, vibrant skin.

Over time, we continue to work with you to adjust your regimen to adapt to your skin’s changing needs.

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